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Konjic, Prozor-Rama and Mostar got 26 new businesses

The fair of new businesses "LiNKed to support businesses", where 26 new entrepreneurs from the area of Konjic, Mostar and Prozor-Rama presented their products and services, was held as part of the Konjic Day celebration. The fair was held with the aim of promoting new businesses established within the "LiNK4StartUps" project, which is implemented by…

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Birth house of traveler, cartoonists, painter, director, writer: Zuko Džumhur, the inhabitant of the world and the most famous person from Konjic

Besides the stone bridge, Neretva, rafting, tables, Tito's bunker, woodcarving, Konjic is also recognizable by the birth house of Zulfikar Zuko Džumhur, a travel writer, painter and cartoonist who still lives in memory not only of Konjic people but also of many venerators of his work throughout BiH. Zuko's birth house is an addition to the…

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Woodworking in Konjic: The “Braća Nikšić” furniture recognized by UNESCO

Pieces of walnut tree, ash and cherry, after processing in their workshops, become art works. The tradition of woodworking in the Nikšić family from Konjic dates back to the 19th century, but Gano Nikšić, the great-grandfather of today's owner Armin Nikšić, officially opened a woodcarving shop in 1920. His son Adem inherited family tradition, then Mukelef,…

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Boračko Lake near Konjic: Emerald paradise ideal for relaxation and enjoyment

About 20 kilometers from Konjic, at the foot of Mount Prenj, lies Boračko Lake. Surrounded by steep and wooded heights of Montenegro and Tranjina, this lake is a favorite excursion site for citizens of Sarajevo, Konjic and Mostar, and more foreign tourists. Ideal for families and vacations in a natural setting, and numerous facilities that can…

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15,000 tourists visited Tito’s bunker in Konjic last year

The D-0 ARK (Atomic War Command) facility, a former atomic shelter in Konjic, also known as Tito's bunker, should get a new look and new content in a few months. This imposing concrete building represents a great tourist potential for Konjic, as well as the whole country. The fact that from March 1 to December…

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LUKOMIR – the highest and most isolated village in Bosnia and Herzegovina

At almost 1,500 meters above the sea level, there is the highest and most isolated village in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Lukomir. This village belongs to the municipality of Konjic, it is located about 50 kilometers away from Sarajevo and represents a symbol of the historical, cultural, architectural, and environmental heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It…

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