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Mercator Ložionička: A place where shopping is a special experience

Carefully designed image of Mercator Ložionička in Sarajevo is based on the expectations of our customers, because it guarantees a very special shopping atmosphere, top quality and carefully selected variety of products. The best and highest quality contents on our shelves are tailored exactly according to the wishes and needs of our consumers.

Food departments at the hypermarket are filled with the finest products and products of domestic production that are characterized by freshness and wide assortment. The Mercator’s Gastro department provides daily foods of highest quality, which we use to make specialties of local and international cuisine, ready-made dishes, cakes and sweets. Our fruit and vegetable department offers the perfect selection of fresh products from our area, but also a very wide range of exotic products.

There is also a bakery with homemade bread and various pastries, and a novelty is a Sarajevo barbecue that brings a touch of orient to our shopping mall. In the meat, charcuterie and cheese products departments, you will find the widest range of delicatessen products carefully selected to satisfy refined tastes of our customers as well as a rich offer of fish, mollusks, crustaceans and seafood.

The modern era brought certain changes in eating habits, a market challenge and great interest in gluten-free and organic products, Mercator has successfully responded and completed the richest offer of certified healthy foods, including sugar-free products, a wide range of organic and 100 percent natural products of proven quality Bio Zone. A wide array of wine products from all over the world, more than 100 different types of beer-rich tradition as well as the latest products of craft beer from domestic production will satisfy the taste of every true beer lover.

In order to complement the atmosphere, we also provided customers with a coffee shop for shopping break, where they can have coffee, eat cakes, ice cream or delicious pastries. Dream Factory is here to fulfill children’s dreams. A wide assortment of all types of toys, adapted to different age and tested according to international standards, guarantees the reliability and insouciance of parents. Here you will find toys of famous licenses and provide the youngest fun world where dreams become reality, and children’s imagination is set free. In our departments, you will find unrivaled superb cosmetic products for beauty and body care, everything for cleaning and decorating your home and a wide range of home appliances.

We in Mercator follow the world trends and innovations and we are trying hard to provide our customers with the best value for their money and always something new. Mercator Ložionička offers its customers the greatest commodity of purchasing, and for our customers we have provided smart carts and self-service cash registers, thanks to which customers can check the prices of products and at any time read the contents of the basket and the total value for payment, and upon completion of the purchase, they will automatically charge the purchased products to cashier.

Mercator Ložionica is not a place that will only satisfy, but also surpass your wishes and needs. We greatly appreciate your trust, we follow the latest world trends and innovations we provide the best value for your money. Because we recognize your desires and needs well and turn your shopping into top satisfaction. Your Mercator

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