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Kozara: Skiers have three ski lifts for night and day skiing

Ski resorts on Kozara have become an attraction for all lovers of winter sports in the past years, who have the opportunity to enjoy day and night skiing, within the National Park, on this beautiful mountain.

– There are three ski slopes, two for the elderly and one for the youngest lovers of snow joy – representatives of Kozara National Park said.

700 meters long ski slope is covered by a ski lift with a capacity of 900 skiers per hour. Reflectors illuminate the trail, and night skiers can enjoy skiing.

In the absence of snow cover, enjoying winter sports is made possible by snow cannons that cover artificial snow over the entire length of the track.

The second ski slope, 900 meters long, is equipped with an “anchor“ ski lift with a capacity of 1,500 skiers per hour, while the ski run for children is about 200 meters long and covered with a mini lift of 450 skiers per hour.

– For all those who have not mastered this winter sport, ski instructors are available. Ski equipment is also available. Therefore, the conditions for skiers of all ages, especially beginners, are now provided, and all can now enjoy this attractive, winter sport. The trails are decorated with modern snowmobiles, which create ideal conditions for skiing. Night skiing is special – NP Kozara explained.

For those who decide to stay longer in the tranquility and beauty of Kozara nature, hotel or accommodation in bungalows surrounded by high conifer trees.

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