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Sites that attract attention of archaeologists from Cambridge

Among several tourist potential, Municipality Laktaši can boasts with numerous archaeological sites, which attract attention of foreign and domestic tourists, especially lovers of archeology. The Tourist Organization Laktaša particular emphasis early Byzantine city of...

Bike trip that leaves you breathless

Thanks to the project "Cycling through history - Revitalization of the old narrow-gauge railway Ćiro", this old railway line, which is a monument of life in the Adriatic hinterland, is once again available to...

Jablanica: Clean rivers, beautiful lakes and untouched mountains

Jablanica municipality has very good natural conditions for development of tourism. Jablaničko and Grabovičko lakes, Prenj and Čvrsnica mountains, rivers Neretva, Doljanka and Šanica especially stand out. Rivers Doljanka and Šanica are very interesting...

Ambassador Pammer: Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe in miniature

Martin Pammer is an Ambassador of Austria to Bosnia and Herzegovina for several years now. Thanks to the previous mission in Montenegro language is not a barrier, therefore every day he is talking to...

Herzegovina villages – a delight for tourists

Development of agro-tourism is increasing in the world and Europe, and the reason for that is growth in the number of tourists who want to visit a specific region in the local community, get...

Adnan Drnda: BH lakes and rivers are something special

Two great loves, diving and photography, as well as sports and the arts, architect Adnan Drnda merged in one and began to engage in underwater photography. Diving, says Drnda, lowers the man into a...

Rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Pleasure you will never forget

The tourist offer of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last few years holds at the top adventurous and extreme sports, and one of them is certainly rafting. Programs available on the market in Bosnia...

Holiday on the banks of the beautiful River Una

From the hill Plavno to the hill Stražbenica, across the river Una, says the tradition, the epic hero Mujo Hrnjica jumped over Bosanska Otoka on his horse. On Plavno, there is a print in...

Paragliding – The most beautiful way turn the dream of flying into reality

Parachute sailing (paragliding) is one of the youngest, the easiest and the simplest ways to turn the dream of flying into reality, and in recent years, it is becoming increasingly popular in Bosnia and...

Most beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is famous for its clean and pristine rivers. Bosnia and Herzegovina has 262 minor or major rivers, and therefore it can truly be said that our country is the land of...
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