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The Old Town of Srebrenik: Home of Bosnian Bans and Kings

The Old Town of Srebrenik is a fortress located above the city of the same name, north of Tuzla, in the area of ​​the former parish of Usora, which during the Middle Ages was...

Guardians of Tradition at Međaš near Kalesija: Blacksmith’s workshop that has existed for 130...

Back in 1889, in Međaš near Kalesija, beside the main road Tuzla-Zvornik, Mehmed Bešić opened a blacksmith workshop. He did not know that the workshop will survive for 130 years, and that his descendants...

Klepci – the settlement near Čapljina: How a girl’s dowry helped build a bridge?

In the treasury of cultural and historical monuments and nature parks in the municipality of Čapljina, made up of Hutovo blato, the waterfall Kravice, Mogorjelo, Počitelj, the remains of the ancient city of Gabela,...

Bosnian house defies time for more than three centuries

A traditional Bosnian house, owned by the Hamidović family in the village Džafići, municipality of Kalesija, has been defying time for more than three centuries. Due to the great care of family members, the...

Adnan Delić, young interpreter of the Bosnian original song

Adnan Delić is a young and gifted sevdalinka singer. Although he graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts, the set of circumstances, and most of all the love and the fact that his family...

Bosniak Institute – Adil Zulfikarpašić Foundation: The place where two benefactions meet

The Bosniak Institute - Adil Zulfikarpašić Foundation is a unique institution in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also a museum, library and archive, a gallery and a cultural center. The Institute was...

House of Spite – a story about Bosnian stubbornness, defiance, and persistence

Numerous buildings and places in Sarajevo hide an interesting story of its origin, and one of the most interesting is Inat kuća (House of Spite), which is located next to the Šeher-Ćehaja Bridge, near...

People lived in the Old Town of Stolac even in the ancient times

The old city of Vidoški in Stolac was founded in the fifth and sixth century, during the time of the Byzantine emperor Constantine, who built a fort in Stolac with the aim of protecting...

Old Town Tešanj: Fortress that resisted Eugene of Savoy

The old town of Tešanj was built on the top of a rocky hill, along the river Tešanjka. The fortress consists of two towers and the inhabitants of this small town in Central Bosnia...

Roman Bridge near Ustikolina: Permanent witness of past times

The Roman bridge near Ustikoline, at the mouth of the Gabeoski stream in the Drina River, has been on the list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2005. The bridge in Kozetina...
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