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The symbol of Konjic – Old Stone Bridge: The place where Bosnia joins Herzegovina

The old stone bridge in Konjic is one of the four most important in Bosnia and Herzegovina, next to the Old Bridge in Mostar, the Višegrad Bridge on Drina and the Trebinje Arslanagić Bridge....

Vareš: 780 years old blacksmith craft preserved by three masters only

Through a macadam road, along the Krivaje canyon, and then along the river Oćevijica, a 30-minute drive from Olovo to Vareš, and one arrives in an unusual and faraway village on the Zvijezda Mountain...

Sarajevo: Ejub Lazović works half a century as a saddler

Sarajevo Baščaršija is abundant with artisans who for several centuries have preserved ancient artisanship from oblivion and are visited by tourists coming to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarači (masters who make leather...

Birth house of Ivo Andrić attracts thousands of tourists

Thousands of tourists visit Travnik every year, primarily to see the birthplace of the literary Nobel Prize-winner Ivo Andrić, visit his birth house transformed into a memorial museum, and look for the features and...

Kula Grad near Zvornik: One of the largest fortresses of medieval Bosnia

For centuries, on the Mlađevac hill above Drina, the fortress has been countinuosly built. The legend says that cursed Jerina, the wife of the Serbian despot Đurđa Branković, built it and the famous dervish,...

Old Town Stjepan Grad in Blagaj: Witness of turbulent times of Zachlumia

The Old Town Blagaj (Stjepangrad) is one of the most valuable national monuments of B&H, whose history testifies to the turbulent times of these areas. It was built on a high and hardly accessible...

Witnesses of a powerful, medieval state: Following the traces of the Bosnian kingdom

The Bosnian kingdom is a state that existed in the Balkans from the second half of the 14th century to the second half of the 15th century, covering mainly the areas of today's Bosnia...

“Kalesijski zvuci”, music group from Kalesija: Original music as a tradition is several hundred...

When Kalesija is mentioned, the first association is "Kalesijski zvuci", the original group that nurtures the ethno music style specific for northeastern Bosnia, or Sprečanska valley. This type of music is sung in two...

To be a part of this folklore ensemble is prestige: “Seljo” has been maintaining the...

The academic ensemble of traditional dances and songs "Seljo" has been working for over 70 years to preserve the cultural heritage of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the Western...

The Old Town of Srebrenik: Home of Bosnian Bans and Kings

The Old Town of Srebrenik is a fortress located above the city of the same name, north of Tuzla, in the area of ​​the former parish of Usora, which during the Middle Ages was...
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