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The Old Town of Srebrenik: Home of Bosnian Bans and Kings

The Old Town of Srebrenik is a fortress located above the city of the same name, north of Tuzla, in the area of ​​the former parish of Usora, which during the Middle Ages was...

Old Town Stjepan Grad in Blagaj: Witness of turbulent times of Zachlumia

The Old Town Blagaj (Stjepangrad) is one of the most valuable national monuments of B&H, whose history testifies to the turbulent times of these areas. It was built on a high and hardly accessible...

Jajce – Open Air Museum

Open-air museum and the royal city are labels that Jajce rightfully wears. The beauty of the town in Central Bosnia leaves no one indifferent. Jajce is located at the mouth of Pliva and Vrbas...

Sarajevo: Ejub Lazović works half a century as a saddler

Sarajevo Baščaršija is abundant with artisans who for several centuries have preserved ancient artisanship from oblivion and are visited by tourists coming to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarači (masters who make leather...

Gradačac: Castel of the Dragon of Bosnia was built for almost a hundred years

Gradačac tower, Gradina, Tower of Husein-kapetan Gradaščević or Castel of the Dragon of Bosnia is the main characteristic of this town in the north of Bosnia. It dominates the landscape of Gradačac, erected at...

Public fountains are the centuries old symbol of Sarajevo 

For several centuries, public drinking water fountains are unforgettable and decorative symbols of the City of Sarajevo. These fountains primarily served the locals, but also the travelers, to stop, drink fresh, cold water and...

Guardians of Tradition at Međaš near Kalesija: Blacksmith’s workshop that has existed for 130...

Back in 1889, in Međaš near Kalesija, beside the main road Tuzla-Zvornik, Mehmed Bešić opened a blacksmith workshop. He did not know that the workshop will survive for 130 years, and that his descendants...

Blagaj – Magnet for tourists from all over the world

No story of the tourism and beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina would be complete without mentioning Blagaj. This oasis of peace and natural harmony is located three kilometers from Mostar Airport. The greatest attention...

Medieval fortresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Witnesses of strength and power of the medieval Bosnian...

As an intersection of many civilizations, Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in archaeological remains from the Neolithic, Roman, Illyrian, and medieval periods, which, besides tombstones, left numerous fortresses. They were built during the independence of...

Tradition and folk costumes of women in BiH: East and West influenced the fashion

Over time, the modes and dressing styles of women in these parts have changed, but it is certain that they have followed trends and that women have always took care of their looks. As...
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