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Mostar: Bosnia and Herzegovina will soon get another formula

Two years ago, students of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of Mostar University made the first BH formula within the framework of the project "Formula Student" for the biggest European competition in the field of motor sports and student innovation, with which they presented themselves at the competition in the Czech Republic as…

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Miner creates a spell on the canvas using a painting brush

A longtime miner from Breza, Ešref Muratović Bubby, is a painter in his free time. His brush strokes on the canvas create a real spell, and he never graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. He did not study because of poverty. He grew up in a family who had no money to pay for…

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Ammara Mistrić: I am pumping positive energy with natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ammara Mistrić Young pop-rock singer Ammara Mistrić works hard this summer as well, preparing new songs, making videos and organizing performances with her band. In spite of numerous obligations in the music career, Ammara devoted herself to education, and with many successes, she mastered college obligations. Beautiful Sarajevan is studying Communications and passing exams without any problems,…

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Bosnian Dynasty Kotromanić

Author: Dr. Enver Imamović Even before 1200 years Bosnia was an independent state with all the attributes that characterize it as such. It had its rulers, court, diplomatic service, archive, army, well-guarded borders, their own money, their own alphabet (bosančica), their religion (Bogomilism) ... All its rulers belonged to the local dynasty Kotromanić, and documents state…

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Number of tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina increased by 34.8 percent

In Maech 2017, there were 75 521 visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is more by 34.8 percent compared to February 2017, and 7.5 percent compared to March 2016. There were 156 256 overnight stays, which is more for 28.3 percent compared to February 2017, and 9.3 percent more than in March 2016. The percentage of…

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IT sector can generate over a billion BAM in revenue annually

The software industry is one of the biggest potentials for development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Between 2,500 and 3,500 programmers is currently working in our country and the needs of the labor market are much higher. The best example of this is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, where there is not a single…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina on the map of countries with nano technology

The first meeting of the partners of the international BLOW-UP project worth 120,000 Euros was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Banja Luka, organized jointly by the Faculty, Tehnosint and Lir Evolucija. It is the first project of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, fully funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.…

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Asmir Begovic launching his own fashion brand

Asmir Begovic, glorious goalkeeper of BH football team and the English Chelsea, works on launching his fashion brand, but more details should be known in July. Surely, just the name Begović promises popularity of clothing items from his own workshop. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer and member of Real Madrid, also has a fashion line of underwear,…

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Lower roaming prices in the region from July 1

At the meeting of regulatory bodies from Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, which was hosted by the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, measures to be taken in the coming period in order to implement the Agreement on lowering roaming prices in public mobile telecommunications networks have been agreed. From 1st of July this year there…

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