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Monday. 20. January. 2020

COLUMN: Algorithm for change in the public sector

The functioning of the public sector is a chronic problem for all countries that have undergone or are still undergoing the transition process, so that everything that is detected as contentious and negative in...

COLUMN: Family business

In the middle of this year, the results of KfW Bank's research on family businesses in Germany was quite unnoticed by BH media. The key observation is that over the next five years or...

Hamo Račić, organizer of the work of travel health insurance and assistance in Sarajevo...

The holiday season is approaching, the time when people travel most often. On these journeys, there are unplanned situations that citizens are prepared for, but when they go on vacation or some other trip,...

COLUMN: Human development

The phenomenon of economic development is certainly one of the fundamental tendencies in civilizational history, which has been crucial for the survival and continued prosperity of the human species. Each of its movements is...
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