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Woodworking in Konjic: The “Braća Nikšić” furniture recognized by UNESCO

Pieces of walnut tree, ash and cherry, after processing in their workshops, become art works. The tradition of woodworking in the Nikšić family from Konjic dates back to the 19th century, but Gano Nikšić,...

Swedish Kavat opened a factory in Novi Travnik

Swedish company for production of footwear Kavat, which will operate in Novi Travnik, will employ more than 150 workers. Novi Travnik Mayor Refik Lendo said they are proud because they were partners from the very...

COLUMN: Country of well-being

The concept of man's well-being implies his own sense of convenience, comfort, commodity and everything that makes him happy and gives him pleasure. A society in which happy people live is called a welfare...

Mostar: Construction of Residential Complex Cesar’s Residence Started

Company Cesar's Ltd. began the construction of the exclusive residential complex Cesar's Residence, located on the banks of the Neretva River, in H. Zahirovića Lace Street, in Mostar. The project is in the first...

Muris Mujanović, owner of the company Mujanovići d.o.o. Sarajevo: From a butchery with one...

Company Mujanovići d.o.o. Sarajevo is the leader in BiH in food production. The company has a complete, closed production system that is fully domestic and deals with production and processing of food for BH...

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL – Technological leader in the market of B&H

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is recognizable on the BH market for aluminum-glazed facades that adorn most of the buildings built over the past 14 years, for as long as they do business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most...

Herzegovina as a perfect destination for digital nomads

In an idyllic location, along the Trebižat River near Čapljina, as part of the RECOOPER project, which is co-financed by the European Union and the government of the Federal Republic of Germany as part...

Mercator Ložionička: A place where shopping is a special experience

Carefully designed image of Mercator Ložionička in Sarajevo is based on the expectations of our customers, because it guarantees a very special shopping atmosphere, top quality and carefully selected variety of products. The best...

Exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina exceed one billion BAM in one month

Exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time exceeded 1 billion BAM in one month. This record and an important turning point for the domestic economy happened last month, that is, in September...

Development of BiH tourism with the FBiH Chamber of Economy

At the session held on 4 August  this year, following the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Government of the Federation of BiH accepted the Draft Tourism Development Strategy of...
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