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Dubravka Vujnović Božić makes shoes for babies

A woman from Banja Luka, Dubravka Vujnović Božić, who creates and manufactures non-ambulatory shoes, for babies, made of natural materials,  who is by profession a psychologist, says that she is practicing psychology on a voluntary basis, and she earns some money doing the shoemaking job for which she has not a day of school. Although it…

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Foreign tourists are most interested in war history of Sarajevo

Tržnica Markale Tunel spasa Zijad Jusufović More than 20 years after the war ended in Bosnia and Herzegovina, tourists who visit Sarajevo are most interested in war history of BH capital. Foreigners want to feel how people lived in Sarajevo during the longest siege in modern history, to see the places where massacres of civilians happened, to visit…

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Bihać: Wonderful city of amazing beauty

It is located in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for centuries a faithful guardian of troubled Bosnian borders; Bihać was and still is protruding end on windswept of bloody wars and conflicts of the world's great empires. The town is situated in a valley on the banks of the cleanest rivers in the Balkans, which…

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Hundred kilometers of path for recreational athletes and hikers

Recreationists, cyclists, and hikers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all lovers of natural beauty of the mountainous highlands, now have multi-purpose recreational path, long more than a hundred kilometers, stretching from Banja Luka's settlement Trapisti, passing through five municipalities and ends near Teslić, in Bijelo Bučje. Marked and finished trails were officially open in…

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Pannonian lakes in Tuzla better and more accessible than ever

Pannonian Lake in the center of Tuzla are a unique complex in entire Europe. The only salt lakes in the Old World are located only a few minutes walk from the city center and can accommodate around 17,000 people! This unusual story started in 2003 with the construction of the first lake, which is…

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