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Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known for its thermal springs: Healing waters have been used since the Romans

Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for its numerous natural thermal and thermo-mineral springs of healing properties. The tradition of using certain thermal waters in our region dates back to the distant past, the time of the Romans, who then saw the healing properties, and the first expert analyzes were made during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is precisely on some of these springs that today there are well-known spa centers for treatment and rehabilitation, and below we bring you some of the most important thermal springs.

Terme Ilidža

Sarajevo basin is rich in one of the oldest spa resorts in Southeast Europe – Terme Ilidža. The first traces of the use of thermal sulfur – oligo mineral waters of Terme Ilidža date from the period of the Romans, and continue throughout Ottoman Empire. It is precisely for this reason that the whole village of Ilidža got the name, named after the Turkish word “ilaj” which means the medicine. The healing properties of mineral water have been proven on a number of occasions, and what attracts patients and tourists is thermos-mineral sulfur water, with a temperature of 57.5 degrees Celsius. Thermo-mineral sulfur water can treat rheumatic and skin diseases, gynecological diseases, metabolic diseases, injuries and postoperative conditions on the locomotor apparatus, diseases of the


The small town Olovo has its own medicinal springs. Aquaterm Spa is located in the very center of Olovo, next to the place where two mountain beauties, the river Bioštica and Stupčanica meet, creating the river Krivaja. This thermo-mineral water has been known since ancient times, and many benefited from its healing properties. Especially famous is oligo mineral (with some salt) healing water, which treats rheumatic, neurological and skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases and many more.


Fojnica thermos-mineral radioactive water and its influence on the human organism have been the subject of numerous scientific tests, and it has been proven to have many benefits for health. Nowadays, at the spring of thermomineral water is the Aquareumal Spa. What especially distinguishes this, compared to other thermal waters, is its poor mineralization, with the significant presence of radon as a source of radioactivity that moves within the limits of the allowed values. Radon increases the number of leukocytes in the blood and directly affects the body’s defense, reduces sensitivity to allergens, lowers blood pressure, acts on endocrine glands, especially on the thyroid gland, reducing its increased activity.


The first written documents on the healing properties of mineral water that originates in the medieval town of Kiseljak date back to the 14th century. Nowadays there is a factory of famous mineral water, Sarajevski kiseljak, and a spa. Kiseljak’s healing mineral water helps with metabolic diseases, liver disease, gallbladder, digestive system, and kidney and bladder diseases.

Ilidža Spa, Gradačac

Ilidža Spa is located between two artificial accumulation lakes Hazna and Vidar in Gradačac. That natural mineral water is alkaline, carbonate, sulphate and poorly muriatic, with a particular presence of sodium, calcium and magnesium. Water is mildly radioactive with radon content, which is used in the treatment of many diseases.

Vrućica Spa

The water from the spring near the creek Grabovac, where Vručica Spa is today, many stories have been told from generation to generation. It is said that the water is healthy, relieves pain, it rejuvenates. The inhabitants used it in households for drinking and preparation of bread, and then for medicinal bathing. Springing from depths, thermos-mineral water on its way up is heated from a warm rock, dissolves minerals and as such is used to treat various diseases such as cardiovascular, rheumatic and neurological problems. Bathing in this thermos-mineral water is especially recommended for diseases of the blood vessels, joints, tendons, muscles, digestive, gynecological and psychosomatic diseases. Thermo-mineral water Vručica helps to relieve stress, fatigue, poor concentration and memory, irritability and volatility.

Guber Srebrenica

Thanks to unique and very generous natural resources, in the earliest times, mineral water Guber was used as a medicine in Srebrenica. It is assumed that the Illyrians  used Srebrenica mineral springs to treat skin diseases even before the arrival of the Romans in these areas.

Water from several springs is used for various purposes, and most often from Veliki Guber (Big Guber) water is used to treat anemia, from the spring Ljepotica (Beauty) for the treatment of acne and dermatitis, from the Sinus spring for treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis. Water from the spring Mali Guber (Small Guber) is important when it comes to the treatment of parasitosis in the intestines, and from the spring Kožna Voda (Skin Water) for treatment of psoriasis, dermatitis and warts.

Gata Bihać

Gata Spa is located 15 kilometers from Bihać. The healing waters of this spa contain sodium, calcium, sulphate and hydrocarbons. The temperature of the thermal water of Gata is 32 to 39 degrees Celsius. The combination of water quality and the quality of professional therapies has proven highly successful in the treatment of rheumatism, neurological and neuromuscular diseases, diseases and injuries of the extremities, skin diseases, diseases of the digestive system, and gynecological diseases.

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