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Boračko Lake near Konjic: Emerald paradise ideal for relaxation and enjoyment

About 20 kilometers from Konjic, at the foot of Mount Prenj, lies Boračko Lake. Surrounded by steep and wooded heights of Montenegro and Tranjina, this lake is a favorite excursion site for citizens of Sarajevo, Konjic and Mostar, and more foreign tourists.

Ideal for families and vacations in a natural setting, and numerous facilities that can be found on the lake will make your stay unforgettable. There is a camp in Boračko Lake where you can come with a camp house and spend your vacation, and many visitors spend the whole summer here.

Beautiful landscape

There is a possibility of renting wooden bungalows or apartments. Moreover, there are pedal boats, boats, barbecue places, children’s playgrounds, and it is also great for fishing because it contains carp, stream and lake trout, river crustaceans…

The road from Konjic leads through a winding road, and before you descend to the lake, stop at the viewpoint and enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding hills. It is necessary to draw attention that entrance to the lake is charged and do not be surprised when you come to the ramp.

Boračko Lake is surrounded by a beautiful nature, and water is obtained from the Boračko brook and numerous surrounding springs, which can also be found on the bottom of the lake. Šištica flows out from the lake, which after a short flow, through six kilometers long and 60 meters deep gorge, which breaks into a 30 meters high waterfall that crashes into the Neretva River.

A legend called Gavanovi dvori (Gavan’s houses) is bound for the emergence of this lake. The story says that at a place of today’s lake once existed a mountain village that was rich. A rich man, named Gavan, lived there. Once upon a time, two beggars came to him at the door and beseeched for a place to sleep and some bread. Gavan’s wife offered only bread, but not a lodge.

She gave them bread as if they were dogs, throwing it on her feet, and adding it to them. They warned her while taking the bread humbly. Gavan’s wife told them “What for do I need your God while I have my Gavan.” The legend is repeated like in many similar stories; this one is interesting because it refers to the glacier lake.

Moreover, one legend says that there was a rich town on the site of today’s lake. Being enriched, its inhabitants became ungodly and obscure, so the holy saint, who was disguised as a poor man, traveled throughout the world, could not get food and lodging in that place.

Inhospitable town

The only person who welcomed him was a poor widow who had many children. She had only a horse and some furniture. Before the dawn, a saint ordered the widow to put her property on a horse and flee from the inhospitable city, which will be punished.

On her way she had to walk after her horse; and when the horse stops and thrice struck his foot on the earth, she should settle there and she would be happy. The poor woman did it by order of the saint. When she turned around from Stranin beneath the village of Borak, instead of the city she saw only water – the lake.

The city was flooded with all its buildings and inhabitants. That’s how Boračko Lake was formed. The widow continued her trip following her horse and, according to the instructions of the saint, settled in the place where the horse stopped and knocked three times on the ground. Reminiscing her horse, this place is called Konjic.

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