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Amra Džeko speaks of new projects and natural beauties: Edin and I use every opportunity to promote B&H in the world

When mentioning Amra Džeko, somehow the first association in BH public is that she is the wife of celebrated footballer and a captain of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina Edin Džeko. However, Amra is more than that. Amra has more than a successful international career in fashion world, and she is a proud mother of three beautiful children.

-Although sport and poetry are my first love, life took me in a completely different direction. Behind me, there is a long-standing successful career in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, and everyone who knows me says that I am a good friend and a real emotional person – Amra said in an interview for the magazine VISIT B&H.

You and your husband, Edin Džeko, are a true ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recently, your daughter Una became the ambassador of the National Park Una. How much does it imbue you to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world and the fact that your family makes Bosnia and Herzegovina recognizable?

-Bosnia and Herzegovina is our homeland. We grew up in it and our dear ones still live there. We are always happy to return to our place of birth, Sarajevo, but also to other cities, visiting our friends. As public figures we are exposed to constant media monitoring, and sometimes we sincerely use this popularity to promote the beauty of our country, where one really has plenty of things to see.

You are very active these days. You travel around Bosnia and Herzegovina and record a TV show that will be broadcasted on the Federal Television from the autumn. Can you tell us what kind of show is that?

– It is a show dedicated to all women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the show, we will be introduced to true female narratives and women who are fully subjectively and emotionally telling their stories through stories about the cities they live in. The show is of a promotional and tourist character, as we also visit natural beauties and we are familiar with the cultural and historical sights of our country. I invite you to watch the show “Ženske priče sa Amrom Džeko” (Women’s Stories with Amra Džeko) from the autumn on Federal Television.

You traveled throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Which tourist destination would you recommend to foreign tourists visiting our country?

– It’s hard to answer that question, since I visited some places for the first time, and to some places I came back, discovering something new in their beauty every time. On the tour with “Ženske priče” (Women’s Stories), I was impressed by the beauty of the Herzegovinian karst, the silence in the sunset over the plains of Posavina, the smell of mountain herbs and the noise of the Una Waterfalls.

Are you coming for holiday to Bosnia and Herzegovina and where do you usually like to rest in our country?

-Sarajevo is, of course, my great love and my hometown, and there I feel best. Now, the Trebević cablecar has been restored, and pizza on Zmajevac with a fascinating view of the city is something I’m jealously guarding for my closest friends …

You have launched the first online platform in the OREA region for the sale of handmade, quality products, souvenirs, original works and art in the region, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Are you satisfied with success of the platform so far and can you present the platform to us?

-OREA is a unique project in which all domestic producers and creators will have the opportunity to participate and market their products around the world. Implementation of the platform is soon to be ended, and we will soon present it to the public and discover more details about the launch of this platform.

You are a mother of three children, a business woman, you are doing numerous campaigns, you are involved in numerous humanitarian projects … How do you balance all those obligations?

– Truth, my life is very dynamic. However, I believe that the most important thing in life is to find your environment and define priorities that will lead you to achieving your goal. Everything else happens spontaneously. Of course, fitness and lifestyle are important, but we can talk about it on some other occasion…

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