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Adnan Drnda: BH lakes and rivers are something special

Two great loves, diving and photography, as well as sports and the arts, architect Adnan Drnda merged in one and began to engage in underwater photography. Diving, says Drnda, lowers the man into a totally different dimension, unnatural to us.

– When you dive, you are left alone. You feel completely calm, separated from worldly problems, impacts, and you are in direct contact with nature. Such contact I experienced only under the water and on the slopes of the mountains, and when take photographs along the way, then you create something special – Drnda said.

This profession is not very widespread in our country because it requires a lot of learning, training, and preparation.


– In order to be an underwater photographer, you have to be a good diver. You must be well equipped with the apparatus, lenses, and aluminum or plastic enclosures, which can go up to 100 meters deep, carriers for underwater lighting, and many more things – explains the photographer.

Photography as a discipline, emphasizes Drnda, is knowledge of light management.

– By increasing the depth you are losing the color spectrum, first we lose red color, orange, and yellow, blue and then green is the only color left. To restore all those colors at greater depths, we must have additional lighting – said Drnda, adding that for about an hour, the time he usually spends underwater for one shooting, he is preparing for three hours.

In order to really be a good underwater photographer, diving must be automatism, says Drnda, adding that you should behave like a fish in water, and never forget that you are not in a natural setting. When under water, he says, divers have to know the habitat of wildlife which they are approaching, how to approach them in order not to make them run away and how to make them approach the photographer on their own.

– The most beautiful moment is when the animal comes to you, it examines you, you are interesting to it. This is perfection. Octopus are particularly playful, if you approach them, you will see that this is definitely one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, I think that they are side by side next to dolphins. There were few encounters with sharks, large rays – he emphasizes.

The most beautiful sights he saw in the Red Sea, adding that it was like diving in an aquarium, where animals are not afraid, because hunting in this region is absolutely prohibited, and the animals are approaching with no fear.

Drnda says he one of his favorite under water photo shootings was the wedding of his colleagues, also divers, which took place in Egypt in the Red Sea.


– I dived in most of BH lakes, lakes are more interesting for diving because they are deeper, and water is more calm than in rivers. Our lakes can compete with the most beautiful lakes of the world, but the most special are Prokoško, Malo Plivsko and Boračko. Some of them are natural, some artificial, rich in flora and fauna, and you can always find something interesting in these waters. I dived in BH rivers, but also in the Adriatic Sea, in Neum. Definitely, our lakes and our rivers are beautiful. Pearls Una and Drina are waters that are still clean and have an enviable fish stocks and a well-developed aquatic life – said Drnda.

Divers and underwater photographers in particular, are great fighters for ecology, preservation of the environment and BH waters, and whose value and beauty they express in their photographs and “bring them out on the land”, present it to the public and thus participate in a big fight and action to preserve our watercourses.

– We show the beauty of our waters, but the ugly pictures as well, waste and everything that people throw into the water. When you see our photos, people at first ask “does that exist as well“, and if they see something that scares them by form or color, even if it’s only a few centimeters big, they say they will not swim anymore when they know that something like that is swimming below them – speaks Drnda with a smile on his face.

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