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Samer Dolovac: Vlašić is ready for the new ski season

Vlašić does not have a ski resort like Jahorina or Bjelašnica, but this mountain is extremely popular among skiers from BiH and the region. Every winter, thousands and thousands of skiers and snowboarders come to Vlašić, as well as those who simply want to enjoy the clean mountain air or spend the weekend with family…

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The best ski resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bjelašnica Brusnica Jahorina Kozara Raduša Kupres Vlašić Beauty of mountains in BiH are breathtaking. The visitor cannot say that one is more beautiful than the other is or that they are more beautiful in the summer or in winter. Each is unique, authentic and represents a fantastic gem of BH nature. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a predominantly mountainous country, and this was…

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Eko – Fis Vlašić: Experience the beauty of the Bosnian Mountain

Mount Vlasic is one of the pearls of BH tourist offer and a large number of tourists visit it annually. Availability of various content, fresh air and healthy food are just a fraction of the offer that attracts visitors A part of Vlašić's offer is tourist village Eko - Fis Vlašić, which as a unique complex…

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