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Company Contessa from Tešanj lines successes: They are making clothes for Versace, Cavali, Dolce&Gabbana

In 19 years, Contessa Company in Tešanj has produced more than two million different garments, exclusively on demand of the European market. Last year, they invested considerable money in capacity expansion, so even greater success could be expected. The products are delivered to names such as Versace, Cavali, Dolce&Gabbana, Diadora, Sportalm, Moschino, Uni&Forma, Goretex and others,…

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Old Town Tešanj: Fortress that resisted Eugene of Savoy

The old town of Tešanj was built on the top of a rocky hill, along the river Tešanjka. The fortress consists of two towers and the inhabitants of this small town in Central Bosnia call it Gradina, and it exists full three millennia in this place. The Tešanj fortress, after the one in Jajce, is…

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