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Protected Landscapes of Konjuh and Zlača: A gem for all the tourists and nature lovers

The need of the citizens of the Tuzla Canton for the natural area of ​​Mount Konjuh, which has special and extremely valuable natural and cultural-historical values ​​and potentials, and which needs to be permanently protected, balanced and self-sustainable, was met by the adoption of the Act on the declaration of part of Mount Konjuh a Protected Landscape “Konjuh”.

This opened it for visits of all other nature lovers and tourists. Its area is 8,916.61 hectares, mostly forest area and it is located in the territory of three municipalities, Banovići, Kladanj and Živinice. Topographically, it belongs to the mountainous region with absolute altitudes of 300 to 1,328 meters.

Three zones

By law, the area is classified into three zones depending on the degree of protection. The first protected zone (zone A) covers an area of ​​2,503.40 hectares in five separate areas and is subject to the strictest protection regime. The second protected zone (zone B) covers an area of ​​5,093.70 hectares in four separate areas, with more liberal protective measures.

The third protected zone (zone C) with an area of ​​550.76 hectares in two separate areas, due to its ambient value, is intended primarily for recreation, sports, scientific and educational work and tourism. According to the ecological-vegetational rezoning, the area of ​​the Konjuh Mountain belongs to the area of ​​the inner Dinarides. This area is under the influence of a moderate continental climate with stronger penetrations of the Mediterranean climate in the period June – August.

The floristic composition of the forest ecosystems of this area is very rich and it is conditioned by the different types of forests that exist in this area. There are rare plant species – Bosnian lily, Bosnian iris, narcissus flower, ivy, great yellow gentian, etc., rare and relict plant communities – forests of white and black pine. The dominance of the forest stock, great diversity, and then also the pristine untouched areas, enabled the existence of a very large number of animal species in this area.

As a special exclusivity and value of this area, it is necessary to point out the existence of tetrao, a rare and endangered species of forest bird. In addition to tetrao, this area is also inhabited by animal species that are interesting for hunting – bear, wild boar, wolf, roe deer, fox, wild cat, rabbit… When it comes to reptiles, this area is home to the green lizard, viviparous lizard, slow worm, common European viper, and from amphibians, European tree frog, wood frog and wood toad.

The specificity of this area is precisely the fact that it extends over two river basins, namely the Oskova River Basin and the Drinjača River Basin. The only natural lake in this area is Paučko jezero.

Natural beauty

Monuments from various periods have been recorded in the area of ​​the Protected Landscape, which is testimony to the continuity of the population of these areas from prehistoric times to the present day. Most of these monuments are not registered by the competent protection services. There are also numerous localities of medieval stećak toombstones, mostly preserved around ​​Kladanj and Banovići, created as a characteristic cultural phenomenon of the medieval Bosnian state.

The caves in Brateljevići, which are also called Maiden’s Cave, and Bebrava Cave, certainly give this area a special natural value. And both have a significant archaeological and memorial dimension.

What makes this area special is the fact that it is surrounded by untouched nature on the beautiful slopes of the Konjuh Mountain, it offers enjoyment in all natural beauties and is an exceptional potential for high-altitude training of athletes, congresses, seminars, trips, excursions, and the affirmation of new types of tourism (sports-adventure, eco and ethno tourism, fishing and hunting, transit, religious…)

Hotel “Zlača” has an accommodation capacity of 59 beds in decently equipped rooms and one apartment. Among the accommodation capacity, there is also the villa “Sensi” which has 59 beds, but which is not in operation. The mountain lodge “Zobik” is also nearby, with 20 beds. Mountain lodge “Javorje” is located on the western slopes of Konjuh, its capacity is 30 beds.

The approach to the hotel “Zlača” is difficult due to the reconstruction of the Zelenika Bridge, which should be completed by October 2024, because the bypass macadam road passes through the valley of the stream. Communication is also difficult because only one of the three BH mobile networks is available, and the WiFi in the hotel is very slow. The price of an overnight stay with breakfast is 45 convertible marks.

Author: Tarik Dreca