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Emir Balić, the legendary jumper from Mostar: The man who jumped from the Old...

At the age of five, he already swum across Neretva. He did not even started school, and with his friends he spent days on its shores. He watched the jumpers fly from the magnificent...

“Days of Cherry“ in Mostar

The International Fair of Economy, Agriculture, Food and Tourism "Days of Cherry 2018" will be officially opened on June 19 in the former Merkur shopping center in Mostar, Vrapčići. This year's partner of the...

“Icaruses” from Mostar jump in Neretva for 500 years

The Mostar Old Bridge is not only famous for its architecture, but also its jumps that have been performed for 500 years. The only difference is that nowadays no pashas or viziers are sitting...

Go back to the Mostar night from 1688

Given that they are engaged in mountain biking and spend much of their time in nature, Mostarians Ado Sarić and Alen Kurtović have come to the idea of ​​turning love towards this adventure into...

Red Bull Cliff Diving in Mostar on 15th and 16th of September

Red Bull Cliff Diving, the 2017 World Cup, has crossed half its way and is approaching slowly our country. For the third time, Mostar hosts this prestigious championship in extreme jumps, and the Old...

Mostar: The tradition of jumping off the Old Bridge is 450 years old

Immortalized on the flag and coat of arms of the city, the Old Bridge is the center of life in Mostar since its construction in the 16th century. Almost as legendary as the bridge...
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